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Oxford Properties Concept Store


With an impressive real estate portfolio of over 13 million square feet in retail properties across North America and Europe, Oxford Properties seized an opportunity to enhance the customer experience in its malls by creating a pop-up retail space that seamlessly bridges the gap between click and brick retail. Designed for maximum flexibility, the space easily transforms to showcase a variety of products, ensuring a constant stream of freshness and enticing shoppers to return for new discoveries.

More than a typical pop-up, it embodies a novel retail concept—a permanent space dedicated to innovation. Serving as a dynamic showcase of emerging tastes, trends, and technology, it functions as an ideal testing ground for innovators to develop, experiment, and launch, introducing consumers to new possibilities.

The Concept Map

Similar to a concept map when brainstorming, this store represents relationships between ideas and concepts, connecting retailers to one another, and constantly introducing consumers to new possibilities in a familiar environment. A concept map narrows your focus, helps identify key ideas and fine tune an experience thus creating the foundation of Concept at Yorkdale Mall.  

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By providing maximum flexibility for its inhabitants, Figure3 ingeniously created an interior that transforms quickly and easily, while adapting to accommodate a variety of product offerings. This stand-alone store is ever-evolving to showcase new tastes, trends, and technology and gives new innovators the opportunity to experiment with the first launch of their product offerings. By keeping millwork and surrounding finishes in neutral tones, owners can apply graphics and branding elements to make the space their own and sustainably tear down and repurpose for the next retailer.

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