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Swarovski Reveals New Brand Identity and Retail Design

INSIGHT | APRIL 11, 2021 

Swarovski unveils its new 'Instant wonder' stores and brand identity

Swarovski, the world’s largest crystal manufacturer, unveiled a new brand identity orchestrated by its first-ever global creative director, Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert. Beginning with the opening of its new concept store in Milan’s Galleria on 23 February 2021, the new identity introduces the Instant Wonder stores, Engelbert’s imaginary crystal world in partnership with Paris-based villa eugénie. The store offers a sensorial retail space enhanced by vibrant colours and textures, metallic sculptures, and features loose components, jewellery, watches, figurines and accessories. A further 27 store openings will follow across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific region – including new locations in Paris and New York.

After Engelbert inaugurated the first of a series of the small format Instant Wonder boutiques in her native Milan, only two weeks later, a revamped small format Swarovski boutique has been revealed in Avenue des Champs-Elysees in Paris. The retail space, spread across the ground floor and a mezzanine level, has a similar aesthetic as the first location in the Lombardian capital, featuring walls covered in differently shaped octagonal-shaped compartments, introducing new pastel colour scheme of green, pink and yellow.

Photos by Alessandro Saletta DSL Studio

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