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La Maison



La Maison Simons, an established Quebec-based fashion retailer, sought to extend its presence beyond its home province and make a significant entry and expansion into the Canadian market. Figure3 spearheaded consumer research and design for the nationwide expansion, introducing a prototype store spanning 100,000 square feet in West Edmonton Mall, North America's largest shopping mall, located in Edmonton, Alberta.


Leveraging its reputation for a compelling and original approach, the Figure3 team played a crucial role in enabling the Simons brand to successfully introduce the new store concept to the Canadian marketplace. This involved creating thoughtful touchpoints that inspired customers to explore and engage with the emerging fashion brand. The success of this expansion model led to further ventures in other provinces and major cities, including Vancouver, Mississauga, and Ottawa.


ARIDO, 2013

Award of Excellence

Canadian Interiors, 2014

Award of Excellence

Chain Store Age, 2013

Retail Store of the Year

Euroshop Retail Design Award, 2014

World's Top 3 Store Design 




With a visionary approach, Figure3 conceived a design concept that emphasizes 'landmark moments,' incorporating impactful gestures throughout key departments. The integration of consumer engagement features, such as enhancing the fitting room experience tailored to the specific target group for each sub-brand, is exemplified by the inclusion of a mini-digital photo studio in the 'Twik' change rooms. This encourages tech-savvy Gen Z and Millennials to explore and share their experiences on social media, thereby enhancing the overall interaction.



in Style

Drawing on the brand's Quebec heritage, Figure3 introduced the Eve Cafe as a European-inspired retreat within the retail environment. This space not only reinforced the brand identity but also encouraged customers to relax and recharge in style.

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