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ShinyBud is a recreational cannabis brand, new to the legalized recreational cannabis market in Canada. In collaboration with creative branding agency ThirstyCo, Figure3 cultivated a brand focused on the multi-sensorial effects of cannabis; encompassing successful strategies from retail, healthcare, and hospitality environments.


Shinybud’s core focus and brand mission is the commitment to providing the finest recreational cannabis products in a welcoming, informed, and guest-centric setting environment.


The goal is to create a store experience that encourages customers to explore and actively engage.

Explore and Educate

Guided by Shinybud’s fundamental brand values, Figure3 created a store that is laid out like a mini-specialty store with areas for topicals, edibles, vapes, clothing and accessories that encourages ‘curious shopper’ to explore and actively engage with expert “budtenders”.


The customer journey and every touch-point within the store layout serve as a sophisticated and accessible destination for all cannabis needs, employing experiential retail and marketing strategies. The aim is not only to educate but also cultivate a devoted and discerning customer base.

ShinyBud-Main Retail.jpg
ShinyBud-Entry Queue.jpg

The Express


The design team also created an express shopping journey for the knowledgeable ‘transactional customer’; This shopper has a few choices such as pre-order in advance via the website, express self-serve tablet orders upon entry and proceeding to the central ‘pickup bar' designed specifically for expedited service.

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