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VARIOUS | STOREFRONT | 2,500 - 7,800 SQ FT

As SmartCentres conceived the innovative PenguinPickUp concept, a friendly 'one-stop pick-up' solution for local neighborhoods, they engaged Figure3 to design environments that seamlessly blend convenience and intuition for their customers. These shops go beyond merely offering urban online shoppers a space for package transactions; they also provide the added convenience of shopping for groceries and essentials. The entire customer journey has been artfully curated, from a captivating street presence that piques curiosity to an in-store experience radiating with freshness, cleanliness, and warmth—an embodiment of a contemporary neighborhood concierge.


it Simple  

Blonde wood paneling, inspired by Scandinavian modernism, imparts a sense of sophisticated tranquility and brightness, seamlessly blending with the polished concrete floors that add an urban flair to the space.


Keeping it


Recognizing the principle that clear environmental graphics enhance navigation, the brand's bold signature colors define key touchpoints such as package pickup, drop-off, courier services, groceries, wine, and grab-and-go items in the retail space.

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