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Gancini-Inspired Art Pop-Up Truck in Hong Kong

INSIGHT | APRIL 27, 2021 

Salvatore Ferragamo's Gancini 'Bing Sutt" truck celebrates Hong Kong's art scene.

The Italian Luxury goods company Salvatore Ferragamo embarked on a creative journey in Hong Kong, from March 12th to 18th by launching a mobile pop-up truck. Teaming up with local architect duo DOTES, comprising Justin Chow and Ka Chi Law, to create the Gancini pop-up truck as a reimagined Bing Sutt (literally meaning ‘ice-room’ in Cantonese) inspired by the historic cafés that were popular in the 1950s and 60s, serving refreshments in the form of typical iced drinks and food.

The design team collaborated with local budding artists and galleries to curate the interiors of the pop-up truck aiming to promote the most symbolic locations of the city’s unique East-West cultural blend to celebrate the unique intersection of fashion, art and culture that distinguishes the world of Gancini.

“Low-budget, short-term, quick-install pop-ups are set to surge in the coming months,” says Mardi Najafi, Director, Retail Design at Figure3. “As the world recovers from the pandemic, consumers will be hungry for real-life experiences. While they’ve gotten used to the convenience of shopping online, they miss feeling connected to brands (and to each other) in a physical environment.”

“If you don’t want to limit yourself to one location, consider going mobile and renting a truck or bus to host your own traveling pop-up shop,” explains Najafi. “Mobility can maximize your brand’s reach whether it be at a park, farmer’s market, or any public setting you think your customers would be frequenting – the main objective is to increase brand awareness and get closer to your target consumers.”

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