The Evolution of Tiffany's

Walking into a luxury jewelry store can be a little overwhelming – especially for the younger crowd. Tiffany & Co. has decided to change that by evolving their brand message to form a more customer-centric experience while targeting a younger demographic.

Leading the charge in the millennial takeover is the luxury jewelry brand’s CEO, Alessandro Bogliolo, who has introduced a variety of unique features over the past fews years at their flagship stores that focus on tactile and sensory experiences.

Shifting from the conventional jewelry store outlook, consumers can now enjoy – and share on their social channels – a #MakeItTiffany personalization bar, lounge area and a fragrance vending machine, designed to be part of their while-you-wait services.

Tiffany’s also unveiled the super Instagrammable Blue Box Cafe internationally, inviting guests to truly indulge in the iconic Breakfast at Tiffany’s experience. The cafe is currently closed for a “reinvention” according to the brand’s website and is scheduled to reopen in 2021. Along with welcoming a younger crowd, Tiffany’s is also testing new markets aiming to appeal to men. Last year, the brand set up a temporary Men’s Pop-Up Shop at their New York City flagship which featured everything from Tiffany-branded dog tags and accessories to a branded Tiffany motorcycle, as well as limited-edition Tiffany x Spalding custom basketballs.