Size Doesn’t Matter!

While a big fancy retail store may seem more appealing to businesses, size really doesn’t matter. Small retail shops and temporary pop-ups are just as effective, cost approximately 70 per cent less and have become an integral part in creating hype for brands.

For any business the aim is to increase brand awareness, attract new consumers and gain consumer insights while testing a new format. A pop-up is the perfect platform for brands to test the waters of new products or locations without having to invest in long-term lease agreements.

Case in point: we designed a very small shop for Penguin Random House, which was a drastic departure from a traditional bookstore. With a footprint of just 158 sq ft, the compact space features everything from floating ledges, immersive displays and mobile bookshelves that are wrapped in magnetic vinyl designed to resemble book spines. These can quickly be re-skinned creating an affordable way to keep the store constantly evolving.

By sharing unique experiences, you’re automatically being discovered by a much wider audience which can create both social media and word of mouth buzz – both are very powerful ways to accelerate a brand nowadays.