Is Interactive Window Shopping The Future Of Retail?

 If there’s anything the coronavirus pandemic has taught us, it’s that we must quickly innovate and modify the way we experience everyday life – especially when it comes to consumerism. While e-Commerce has become the preferred form of shopping for consumers during this time, many are still keen on hitting up the shops in person. 

So how can you make a potential customer stop in their tracks and truly engage with your storefront? The answer is an interactive window display.

Many retailers, like Lone Design Club in London, have already started to leverage digital and QR codes to activate their storefronts by creating walk-up shoppable interactive windows. Shoppers can use their own phones to browse collections, get specific product information – some even allow consumers to make purchases directly through their device.

The concept is smart and encourages shopping on a whim while making shopping easily feasible 24/7. If executed appropriately, the result is a dynamic, seamless and a visceral shopping experience that blur the line between e-Commerce and the traditional brick-and-mortar.