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Friends of 


In 2022 Figure3 partnered with Friends of Ruby, a Toronto organization supporting 2SLGBTQIA+ youth. The collaboration gained momentum in 2023 when Friends of Ruby became the Charity of Choice for Toronto’s Pride parade.

Leveraging their expertise in small-scale pop-ups, Figure3's Retail team addressed the needs for a parade float and booth. Design concepts and drawings were provided by Figure3, with support from Home Depot Canada, Women Who Build Stuff, and Pinewood Studios. The collaborative vision aimed to represent Friends of Ruby, focusing on mental health with the theme of a Tranquil Garden, capturing the essence of the organization’s mission in both form and function.



Constructed on a 6’x12’ utility trailer, the float transformed into a mobile structure resembling a ‘Ruby’, serving as a significant symbol of strength for Friends of Ruby. Within this structure, Pogi the DJ was housed, ensuring vibrant and energetic vibes during the Pride Parade.  

Friends of Ruby Float Rendering.jpg
Booth 02_edited.jpg

Design for


Embracing a ‘Circular Design’ ethos, the Figure3 team crafted a 10’x20’ booth with a singular objective: to ensure that nothing ends up in a landfill and that every element is repurposed after the event. Within the booth, a serene atmosphere prevailed, featuring a comfortable and welcoming lounge area, abundant biophilia, and warm ambient lighting to recreate a backyard sanctuary.

Dedicated Friends of Ruby staff and volunteers exerted tremendous effort to offer resources to passersby, inviting them to relax in the booth, fostering connections, creativity, and rejuvenation with friends.

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