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The owner of Epic Cycles, Barry Nisan, approached Figure3 to collaborate on the launch of his innovative concept store in downtown Toronto. The goal was to redefine the retail experience for urban cyclist customers. After careful consideration, Figure3 identified an ideal storefront in the sought-after Junction neighborhood and embarked on creating cost-effective yet distinctive retail design solutions.


The aim was to distinguish Epic Cycles from the conventional bike shop model, avoiding the typical crowded inventory with a focus on smart and personalized design. Figure3 chose to position the repair shop at the rear of the store in an open and exposed manner. This intentional layout signifies Epic Cycles' commitment to fully supporting the customer experience from start to finish, emphasizing their confidence in both products and expertise.



Crafted with a focus on enhancing the customer experience, the interior showcases sleek aesthetics, incorporating hardwood floors, exposed brick walls, and industrial metal fixtures. Collaborating directly with the fixture manufacturer, Figure3 designed custom racks to organize the product inventory, showcasing distinctive bikes on a highlighted display shelf along the wall. 

Through strategic categorization and the use of dedicated header-style signage boards, the inventory is neatly grouped, ensuring easy identification of e-bikes and e-scooters for customers navigating the store. This thoughtful arrangement empowers customers to make informed and confident purchases.

Epic Cycles-12_lr.jpg
Epic Cycles-07_lr.jpg



Two hero towers were introduced, primarily to highlight and engage bike demonstrations, but also to allow for more breathing space within the store circulation. The custom vignettes add contrast to the brick walls, putting every part and frame in full view, allowing customers to visually appreciate and understand the advantages of the e-bike features.

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