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easyfinancial has supported millions of Canadians by offering lending solutions when traditional banks are not viable options. Their mission involves aiding clients in recovering financial stability and rebuilding credit. Collaborating with Figure3, easyfinancial aimed to transform their Toronto flagship branch environment to solidify their position as Canada's leading Non-Prime Lender.


Prioritizing education, comfort, and trust, Figure3 designed a seamless omnichannel journey that smoothly guides customers from online applications to personalized human interactions at the branch level.

Infused with a level of compassion and empathy, the overall goal remained for easyfinancial clients to feel educated, understood, supported, and valued; much different from what they may experience with other competing non-prime lenders in the category. Designing this seamless customer experience started with transforming the physical layout, fundamentally changing how customers would flow through the branch.

Customer First Approach

To set easyfinancial apart from other non-prime lenders, Figure3 refocused the design around the customers themselves, fostering a more welcoming, hospitality-inspired experience. The new design highlights intuitive touchpoints throughout the space to ensure a consistent retail journey that enables customers to easily comprehend easyfinancial’s offerings at a time when information can feel overwhelming.


With emphasis on humanity and respect, the waiting area adjacent to the entry vestibule, features an interactive merchandiser that encouraging customers to familiarize themselves with easyfinancial offerings and ensures the customer is educated on the product and service offerings and feels informed on the various lending verticals.

Easy Financial-07.jpg

Trust by

In order to address privacy and sound transfer, custom pod-like “squoval” shaped structures are positioned throughout the otherwise open floorplan, creating semi-private nooks. Slatted walls enclose each structure and allow for airflow and light to permeate the space while providing privacy and additional noise-reducing properties. 

The cocoon-like setting subtly conveys trust, fostering an environment where advisors can connect on a deeper level of compassion and empathy. The overarching objective is to ensure easyfinancial clients feel educated, understood, supported, and valued.

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