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Division Twelve is a North American furniture company focused on durable earth approved materials that are beautifully crafted and bent into modern designs. After acquiring the company in 2020, Keilhauer partnered with Cossette, a creative marketing and communications agency in Toronto, to reimagine the Division Twelve brand into what it is today.

Figure3 was tasked with translating the newly branded company into two showrooms that embrace Division Twelves bold personality. The first, a small format showroom in the competitive and iconic Chicago Merchandise Mart – the world’s largest wholesale design centre to explore the latest and greatest in interior design. The second, a slightly larger scale showroom at the New York Design Center adjacent to the Keilhauer showroom.



VMSD Award, 2022

Honorable Mention, Retail Renovation / Division Twelve, NYC

Exploring From

all Angles

In both theMart and New York Design Centre, grabbing designers’ attention to draw them into the showroom was the main goal with these small format shop-in-shops. A bold statement needed to be made and often there are landlord constraints on thinking outside the box. Figure3 pushed boundaries and extended the Division Twelve brand and signage into the hallway to hint at the immersive experience within.

By adding vinyl graphics that are blown up in scale and flipped upside down, the furniture can complement or even contrast against the natural landscapes showcasing the playfulness of the brand. Although both showrooms are compact, the experience feels intimate, personalized, and highly Instagrammable.

With craftsmanship at the forefront of the Division Twelve brand, Figure3 felt the best way to show case this is by literally dissecting the furniture so consumers can explore each piece from all angles. 

D12 Chicago-00.jpg
2175_007_v3 ST.jpg

Colour Sparks


It is clear the Division Twelve brand packs a punch with its bold colour selection and what better way to highlight this than by implementing colour blocking throughout the space. Both showrooms do this in a unique way; Chicago – through layered podiums for chair displays and in New York through its slotted feature wall for the all-new Catty chair. The creative way the furniture is displayed is meant to inspire designers in their own projects creating unexpected focal points.

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