Yorkdale Mall Concept Store

Multi-national real estate giant, Oxford Properties, identified a new opportunity within their vast network of retail properties; offering an in-store experience for online retailers. With this intention in mind, Figure3 designed an entirely new retail concept beyond the traditional pop-up store model.

Located in North America’s most prestigious and profitable mall, Concept at Yorkdale is a permanent space devoted to new thinking, while constantly introducing consumers to new possibilities in a familiar environment.

Figure3’s design facilitates maximum flexibility for its inhabitants: allowing the space to transform quickly and easily, while adapting to accommodate a variety of product offerings. Designed as an ever-evolving showcase of new tastes, trends, and technology, this is the ideal space for new innovators to experiment with the first launch of their product offerings in a brick and mortar environment.

  • Oxford Properties
  • Experiential + Pop-Up
  • 3,600 sq ft