Surterra Wellness

Parallel (formerly Surterra Wellness), as a holder of one of the only five medical marijuana licenses in Florida, looked to Figure3 to help understand the mindset of a new kind of shopper, and guide the start-up through the process of entering into a new and unproven landscape.

Through extensive preparatory research, Figure3 focused on taking assumptions and negative perceptions about cannabis products, and addressing them directly; using design-based solutions to create a wholesome and inviting space to welcome caregivers and wellness-seekers alike.

To promote transparency, Figure3 designed a wall-to-wall glass storefront, allowing a full view into the store. Inside, products are on display in a setting which resembles a garden, underscoring the natural source of the therapeutic products.

Figure3 notably curated a kitchen island-style area for informal consultations in the center of the space. Building a conversation counter that could feel like home was imperative to the acceptance of the offerings. This radical design departure from a typical dispensary is what sets the brand apart in this progressively growing retail space.

  • Surterra Wellness
  • Cannabis
  • 5,000 sq ft