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Ranked as the 8th largest bank in North America by assets, the Bank of Montreal enlisted the expertise of Figure3's retail design team to undertake a comprehensive redesign of its flagship location situated in the heart of Toronto's Financial District.

The primary focus of the flagship location's redesign revolves around eliminating physical barriers, prioritizing customer-centric experiences, and embodying BMO's brand principles of "Simplify, Understand, and Guide". The envisioned transformation features distinct banking areas dedicated to private and business banking, coupled with an open concept floor plan designed to foster an interactive and transparent relationship between advisors and clients.



ARIDO Award, 2016

Award of Merit


Down Barriers

Tailored for the discerning BMO clientele, Figure3 has meticulously crafted an alluring and open-concept experience aimed at reshaping customers' cognitive, emotional, decision-making, and behavioral dynamics within the banking realm. Through the strategic elimination of physical impediments, which includes the removal of private offices and meeting rooms, the redesigned space champions liberating meeting zones - vividly referred to as "hives"- where dynamic banking activities seamlessly unfold.

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In essence, the new branch is redesigned to streamline the involvement of bankers in routine transactions. While tellers remain visible, the goal is to address approximately 80% of everyday needs through in-branch technology. Bankers and Advisors, armed with tablets and convenient access to other technological resources, will move fluidly throughout the branch, fostering natural interactions with consumers across various environments.

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